Ermak Timofeevich

300px-YermakErmak Timofeevich – Cossack, the conqueror of Siberia, Russia.

Ermak characterized as a brave man and a wise leader. Information about his biography before the famous Siberian expedition is controversial. Above all, he is known for a fateful for the history of Siberia hike.

Ermak, a man of great life and military experience, in 1582 he went to a military expedition to Siberia on the river Tur, Tobol, Irtysh. It was a land of Siberian Khan Kuchum. Ermak defeated resist Tatar princes. Kuchum sent an army commanded by his nephew Prince Mametkul against Ermak. In a the three-day battle 23 – Oct. 25. 1582 Kuchum army was defeated, the capital of the Khanate Kashlyk – taken. After that, Siberian Khanate collapsed and Kuchum left in the steppes.

Yermak’s campaign lasted less than 2 months. According to legend, Yermak drowned in the river during a surprise attack by the Tatars on his unit. After the death of chieftain remains of his unit left the Western Siberia.

Interest to the expedition of Yermak has never faded away. The story has acquired many legends. The leader of the Cossacks became one of the most beloved heroes of folk songs and legends. Legends and songs about Ermak were stacked in 16 century, and later, his image has inspired many writers and artists. On May 6, 1904 a monument to Yermak was established in the capital of the Don Cossacks – Novocherkassk. It was created on the money collected by by voluntary Don Cossacks people.

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