Bronze Age Complex in Altai


The end of the archeological season was crowned with a unique find: archeologists discovered a unique monument of the Bronze Age between the settlements of Bely Bom and Chibit at the junction of Ongudai and Ulagan Regions of Altai Republic.

The find is a complex made up of a huge cup-shaped rock, stone settings and holes of an unknown function.

Cup-shaped rocks are very rarely found in Gorny Altai. Earlier they had been discovered near the settlements of Besh Ozek, Inya, and Iodro, valleys of the rivers Ursul and Karakol, as well as in the Bichiktu-Kaya tract and the Kalbak-Tash petroglyph complex. Similar monuments in archeological literature got names of cup-shaped rocks thanks to presence of roundish holes on the surface of the steles.

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