The Siberian Beauty – Yevgenia Lapova

“If the best is attainable, then good is not enough”

Evgenia Lapova


Evgeniya-LapovaOn Saturday, October 24 the title of “Beauty of Russia” (“Krasa Rossii”) was won by the 23-year-old elite model from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk. Evgenia Lapova has been recognized as a queen of beauty among 68 beautiful Russian girls from almost all regions of the country.

The competition took place in Kemerovo (Siberian city in coal mining region).

Evgenie Lapova received a diamond-clad crown “Beauty of Russia-2009″ and a Nissan sedan.

This year she has graduated from the prestigious All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography. Nowadays Evgenie Lapova lives in Moscow, acts in film in serials. Despite her focus on acting career, Lapova said she wanted to get married and have a big family.

Her ideal man is clever, understanding, sincere, reliable and the most important thing – loving. “I want to marry the man I love and give birth to a bunch of kids,” she said, adding that she was currently dating a businessman. She also dreams about playing a leading role in a movie about war, but the family on the first place.