Eastern Siberia is one of the largest regions of Russia with an area of 4122,8 km² full of mystery and amazing beauty. Eastern Siberia is composed of: Krasnoyarsk region, Republic of Khakassia, Republic of Tuva, Irkutsk region, Chita region, Buryat Republic, and four Autonomous Regions: Taimyr, Even, Ust-Ordynsky Buryatskiy andAginsky Buryat. Eastern […]

The territory of Western Siberia is a large plain. You could drive from West to East and enjoy the boundless open spaces, fields, meadows and forests. Geographically, this area is clearly defined: from the Ural Mountains in the West to the Yenisei River in the East and from the coast […]

We can divide Siberia traditionally (historically) on 3 parts: Western Siberia, Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The major geographical zones of Siberia are the West Siberian Plateau and the Central Siberian Plateau. The West Siberian Plateau is mainly flat and swampy. The Central Siberian Plateau is an ancient volcanic […]

Various maps that define the territory of Siberia, may confuse even those who live in Russia. The confusion arises because of various divisions of the territory of Russia. Essentially the exact delimitation of Siberia can be determined by various methods: administrative and territorial, entering into an economic region, by climatic […]