What’s in Western Siberia?

The territory of Western Siberia is a large plain. You could drive from West to East and enjoy the boundless open spaces, fields, meadows and forests. Geographically, this area is clearly defined: from the Ural Mountains in the West to the Yenisei River in the East and from the coast of the Kara Sea in the North to the steppe landscape of Kazakhstan and mountains of Southern Siberia. The area of Western Siberia is about 3km².

The territory of Western Siberia is composed by mostly natural areas of the Northern hemisphere – from the Arctic to the steppe.

By dashed line shown the area of oil and gas complex
By dashed line shown the area of oil and gas complex

A distinctive feature of Western Siberia is its huge amount of Water resources.

While traveling through the region, a person could see a lot of rivers and lakes. The largest river – Ob, runs into the Kara Sea.

This is the largest river in Russia measuring 5410 km.  Currently, many cities are located near such rivers as it provides access for water transport, commerce, and supplies.

What else is Western Siberia is famous for?
Western Siberia is a land rich with natural resources, particularly oil and natural gas. These are the main branches of the region which form the basis of its economy. For example, Western Siberia provides over 70% of Russia’s oil and natural gas. The region has many factories and industries related to petroleum products. This has built Western Siberia into a source of business development and large financial resources.

The population in Western Siberia is dispersed non-uniformly throughout the region. The most common ethnicity of the population is Russian (90%) with other nationalities woven into the culture and traditions. In the North : the Khanty, Mansi, Nenets, Evenks, Komi are more common. In the republic of Altai the Altaian people reside. Western Siberia and Siberia in general is famous for its multinational composition which also includes Tatars, Kazakhs, Germans, and more.
Geographically, Western Siberia is comprised as follows:

Subject Administrative center
Altai region Barnaul
Kemerovo region Kemerovo
Novosibirsk region Novosibirsk
Omsk region Omsk
Altai Republic Gorno- Altaisk
Tomsk region Tomsk
Tyumen region Tyumen
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous District Khanty-Mansiysk
Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District Salekhard